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Maria Nasti
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Mobil (Ger) : +4915212886943


Maria Nasti Naples, 7 november 1981.
Since was a child I showed a great love for the art,
so I started my artistic life to studying a graphic and photo course at I’.S.A. Boccioni od Naples and than I continued with the academy of art in Naples, section of painting and a special course of contemporary photography.
In my studies I love to make attention about
the precarious balance between the man and the ambient, between lived and urban landscape
The photography language that I use to do, mostly in black and white, help me to make attention about pieces of lifes that I have met on my way in a long travel around the world, cities as Barcelona London, Amsterdam Havana de Cuba and more.
Actually I’m living between Naples and Berlin, where I work as photographer and illustrator freelance.
Some of the latest works :
Best of EP Guest Photographer April topic "Health" by Maria Nasti
Veramiglia contest - Finalist and group expo - FE
Group Photo project from
Partner Comune Napoli and l'assessorato alla cultura e al turismo di Napoli
• "Artist of the month"
Selected as artist of the month on
Final artist with Dinvisibile IV shoot / group exposition - Milan, Italy
• "REPUBBLICA.IT" photo project published on ( newspaper major of Italy )
“The deaf people are the “Dinvisibile” project's protagonists , a photographer Maria Nasti’ s neologism, that get out from the words “ divisible” and “invisible”.
The world in these shoots stays deaf, behind a steamy mirror, in the middle of an universe where the mystique sign language meets the pain that hides in every isolation
“My purpose ? Make questions rather than give answers” explains the photographer in her blog. But the people in these shoots don’t staying  imprisoned in their world : they trying  to keep off that veil that  wrap up their faces.”
Repubblica Link
•  “Darwin l’evoluzione” – Darwin the evolution Photographer for the theater” DARWIN L'EVOLUZIONE? Prove tecniche di messa in scena”
Partners : Consiglio dei Ministri –  Dipartimento per la Gioventù - A.N.C.I. – Associazione Nazionale Comuni Italiani
Art Direct. : Vittorio Nocenzi – Banco del Mutuo Soccorso.
Artistic committee : Ennio Morricone – Alessandro Haber – Mario Martone – Stefano Benni – Enrico Ghezzi – Renato Greco e Maria Teresa Dal Medico – Gianni Quaranta – Patrizia Savarese – Monica Vannucchi. • CALL FOR “TO BE POSITIVE” Photos : Dinvisibile  e Dinvisibile IV
Photo Expo “TO BE POSITIVE, la risposta positiva ad ogni dramma umano”, inside the show  “io, mai niente con nessuno avevo fatto”di Joele Anastasi-Enrico Sortino
Patronage : Roma capital
• "Soffio dal cielo" Art Contest 2012 - finalist - Group expo - Tian Qi Center - Milano, Italy
• One day show - selected photo for the online gallery
•  “FILTRO 5”, Artport aphoteka gallery, Pozzuoli, Naples
• Award Cascella 2012, “Miseria e nobiltà”, III place for the photography section and group exhibition. Press: Catalog of the event, edition Stauròs – San Gabriele - Isola del Gran Sasso (TE).curated by Alessandro Passerini, Giuseppe Bacci, Pasquale Grilli e Giulia Pesarin.144 pages.
• 2012 Award Arte Laguna, Venice, Italy – selected
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC - DAILY DOZEN - Dinvisibile - Foto selezionata e pubblicata - MARCH 2012
• 2011-2012 Group of work of the quirinal expositions – Collaboration for a photography project.
• 2011 International award of photography and digital art, museum of Chianciano Terme, Siena, Italy: III place for the section of colour photography and a special mention for the black and white section. Group exhibition Prizegiving: Lonnie Schlein Press: Catalogue of the event on line by the
• 2009 Homegrown Fantasy Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
• 2008 La ricerca, la memoria, Group exhibition, Bacoli, Naples, Italy. Press: Catalogue By llame